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The Ann Arbor Sword Club - Since 1977
Tuesday evenings, 6:30 - 10 pm at the Pittsfield Grange Hall - Ann Arbor, Michigan
To the point: Intro class takes the floor the first hour Jan 9 - Mar 6
Open fencing starts at 7:30.

What we do

As far as fencing in Southeast Michigan goes, our club is unique in that we do both modern and historical fencing.

  • Modern/sport fencing
        - Foil, Epee and Sabre
  • Historical Fencing (Western Martial Arts/HEMA)
        - Longsword
        - Rapier
        - Smallsword
        - Sabre
        - Sword and Buckler
        - Staff Weapons
  • Individual and group instruction

    Who is the Sword Club?

    We are a bunch of folks who like to play with swords and study western martial arts - we are always happy to share this with others.

    image image Two veteran Ann Arbor instructors with competitive experience going back to the 1970s lead a varied crew young and old. They find common ground in a most uncommon quest for fun and personal growth. On any given Tuesday evening, any of us might do modern foil, saber or epee or play at Longsword, Rapier or other historical weapons based on period combat manuals.


    Inclusivity and Diversity

    The Ann Arbor Sword Club, constituted as a safe and welcoming space for all, has a zero-tolerance policy for discriminatory behavior or hate speech among its members and students. Those who invoke “European” to exclude or demean other cultures ignore established historical scholarship including the multi-cultural nature of European martial arts traditions. Manuals such as I.33 and Paulus Hector Mair’s Fechbuch (among many others) show women and men, white and black training together. It is also known that several masters of these arts were Jewish. Alexandré Dumas and the Chevalier de St. George were both black. This diversity is part of our art and history; we feel it should be a proud part of our future.

    Adapted from a similar statement by the London Longsword Academy (UK)